Findings are an important part of making sure that issues identified during any workflow are properly documented, tracked, analyzed, and to ensure that any required follow-up is completed.

To access Findings:

  1. Select Findings from the Assessments modules on the Salute home page

  2. From the Findings Module landing page, you can:

    1. Select an individual finding to see more detail 

    2. Filter the list by selecting a column header (can do multiple filters) to see a select list of items

    3. Create a new Finding

    4. Export the findings to excel for additional analysis

  3. By Selecting “+ New Finding”, you will be directed to the New Finding screen. This form allows users to track specific detail of the finding

    1. Initiated Date: Date Finding is created

    2. Finding Type: This is selectable based on the library of finding types. This will default to the corresponding Checklist item and will pre-populate much of the information in the finding form

    3. Finding: A place to provide more information about the specific finding. This field pre-populates based on the Finding Type selected.

    4. Corrective Actions: What is required to be done based on the finding. This field pre-populates based on the Finding Type selected.

    5. Website info: can be used to provide external links

    6. Object: Similar to assessment, the object is used to determine the specific item the finding should be attributed to. In this case, the object will pre-populate to whichever Object was selected for the assessment

    7. Attachments: Can be used to provide reference material, including pictures. When accessing Salute from a mobile device, selecting the add attachment feature will show an option to bring up the native camera application

At the bottom of the finding form is a section for Corrective Actions completed. This can be filled out by the creator of the finding, or it will be assigned to the Responsible Person who will be able to respond to the finding with Corrective Actions on the community portal.

Corrective Actions

    1. Corrective Action Required: Used to flag if the safety team requires that corrective actions be recorded before finalizing/closing out a finding
    2. Due Date: If not automatically populated, enter a Date by which this Corrective Action should be completed by. 
    3. Corrected By: The person who completed the Corrective Action. 
    4. Corrected Date: The date the Corrective Action was completed. 
    5. Status: If Open, this Finding has not had Corrective Action completed yet. If Completed, this Finding has been Marked as Completed on the Community Portal by the Assigned Responsible Person. If Finalized, this has been closed out by EHS. 
    6. Attachments: Include documentation of Corrective Actions Completed. 


    1. Created By: This will default to the user logged into the system
    2. Responsible Person: Similar to attachment, the person ultimately responsible for ensuring the corrective action takes place
    3. Also Notified: Similar to Assessment, this field is used to provide other people access to the finding on the Community portal and to receive notifications related to this finding

Note: Hover over the tool tip in the Assign section for more information on email notifications that are sent to the People listed in these fields. 

Important: Only check off Send Email Notifications if you are trying to Send Email Notifications if you would like Email Notifications to send to these individuals immediately. Otherwise, you will have an option at the end of the Assessment to send notifications all together. 

 Saving and Finalizing

When creating a Finding, you will have two options: Save or Finalize. 

  • Saving a Finding will keep it in the Open status and the Find will still be editable. 
  • Finalizing a Finding will change the status to Finalized and the Finding will not be editable unless reopened. 

Upon Saving or Finalizing, the Finding is made available to the People listed in the Assign section on their Community Portal. However, they will only receive email notifications of this depending on the settings checked upon Saving or Finalizing. 

When Saving, Email Notifications will NOT be sent by default, but a User can choose to have them send as needed. 

When Finalizing, Email Notifications WILL be sent by default, but a User can choose to NOT have them send as needed. 


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