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Location Data & Integrations

This document provides an overview of the process for sending data on Locations to Salute from the institutional system of record. The outline below is for posting encrypted files to the Salute SFTP.

File Specifications

In working with the business owner, Salute will customize the file spec that will be shared via email or posted to shared drive. Typically a test file is uploaded by the IT manager for the business owner to test within Salute, before finalizing the data specification for on-going (daily) refresh.

File Naming

File names should be consistent with the format outlined below, and provide uniformly for each refresh.

rooms_{date time in format year month day}.csv.gpg

Example: rooms_20201130.csv.gpg

floors_{date time in format year month day}.csv.gpg

Example: floors_20201130.csv.gpg

buildings_{date time in format year month day}.csv.gpg

Example: buildings_20201130.csv.gpg

campuses_{date time in format year month day}.csv.gpg

Example: campuses_20201130.csv.gpg

The most important thing in import files naming is date in presented format. Other aspects not as crucial and may be adjusted accordingly if required.

File Templates

File templates below will be downloaded as a .csv file - please do not rename any column titles. 

Type of Import Template Download Link
Buildings Download Here
Floors Download Here
Rooms Download Here
Campuses Download Here


Before uploading data to the server, the files should be encrypted using a public gpg key which will be sent to you via email or posted in a shared folder.

Credentials for SFTP

Submit a ticket on Support@Salute for credentials.