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Reengagement Activity

The Reengagement "activity" is feature that can be used to remind students to return to the course and complete activities. This could be used to re-engage students if their course content "expires". 

Adding a Reengagement activity

A Reengagement activity can be added to a course in the same way as any other activity:

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click 'Add an activity or resource'
  3. Select Re-engagement

Set Reengagement details

Access Restrictions

The Email delay can be based on the user enrolment date or a previous activity completion. If you want the delay to be based on a previous activity completion you should set that activity as an access restriction to this Reengagment activity; each user's timer will start after they complete the dependencies.

Email User setting

Set "Notify User" to "After Delay" and set the "Notification delay" period. The notification delay determines when the e-mail reminder will be sent based on the previous event (enrollment or activity completion)

Target Activity

Set "Target Activity" - this is the activity that you want to remind the user they must complete - if this activity is flagged as complete within the course then no e-mail reminder will be sent. NOTE: The "Target Activity" selection box does not appear until the "Suppress notification if target activity complete" box is checked (it is located under the 'Notification content (Third-party)' text box.

Timed release

If you want to release a quiz within your course to individual users after a set period (e.g. 1 week after assignment completion) you use the "Activity completion" settings within the course.

  1. set the Reengagement duration to the time period you want e.g. 1 week
  2. set access restrictions to the reengagement to allow access after assignment is complete (or no access restrictions means start timer after enrollment)
  3. set access restrictions to the quiz so that it is available only after the re-engagement is complete.

Email place holders

When configuring the e-mails sent from the plugin there are limited place holders you can use. If need to use them properly wrap them with "percentage" (%) symbols. Available substitutions are given below

  • %courseshortname%
  • %coursefullname%
  • %courseid%
  • %userfirstname%
  • %userlastname%
  • %userid%
  • %usercity%
  • %userinstitution%
  • %userdepartment%

Example Use Cases

Use cases where you may want to use the Reengagement activity could be:

  • When a User has been enrolled but not completed a training after a specified amount of time
  • When a User needs to complete a course again as part of an annual requirement (In this case, the User can be reengaged to a subsequent training activity during the new course year)
  • When certain emails need to be sent to individuals based on particular student activity completion