Salute Brand Guidelines

This article contains the rules for our visual communication system.

Follow these rules strictly to maintain brand consistency.
This includes all of the elements you may need—logos, typefaces,
colors, and more—to create a consistent tone, look, and feel for Salute Safety's materials. We invite you to absorb this information and reference it often to become an informed keeper of the brand.

Our Logo

Our logo is the most visible representation of our institution – and our brand. From our website, marketing materials and apparel to publications, community outreach activities and formal presentations.

The importance of whitespace around brand elements and throughout all layouts cannot be overstated. It adds confidence and clarity to the visual messaging. The more, the better.

Logo Use

Salute Safety leverages its mark as the Favicon due to its scalability and readability. The name of the Salute Safety mark is the "S Symbal." The full-color logo is the preferred version and should be used whenever possible. When a limited number of colors are available, use the all-white version. The Favicon placed within a circle is acceptable for social use to brand social posts.


Logo Misuse 

Do not manipulate the logo in any of these ways:

No - manipulated colors.

No - part of logo becomes obscured.

No - use on colored background.


Color Palette

The core palette will cover the majority of your needs. It’s intentionally small in variety to not dilute the brand visuals, which could add confusion.


Color Usage

Please reference the following percentages to determine the color hierarchy in a composition.



Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface inspired by posters and signage from a historic Buenos Aires neighborhood. It is relatively close in spirit to Gotham and Proxima Nova but has its own individual appearance—more informal, less extended, and more idiosyncratic. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.