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LMS Theme Upgrades - For Students

Salute's LMS will undergo an upgrade Wednesday November 15th and Thursday November 16th, 2023

The new look and feel simplifies the user experience with a sleeker design. The following features are now included with the LMS:

  • A simplified Dashboard page will only show a student's currently enrolled courses and Recently Accessed Items. The same course tile and progress bar will display.
  • Updated Header Bar
    • The Salute Logo or Dashboard link will take you to the main dashboard page.
    • Catalog will show a list of all courses available for your company. 
    • Certificates will show all achieved Certificates.
    • Support@Salute will take to the Salute Support site if you need any further assistance!
    • Magnifying glass icon is for searching across the LMS.
    • Person icon is to navigate to Profile and other areas.
    • A button to navigate back to the Salute Community Portal is now available in the top right. 
    • Note, the calendar option is no longer going to be available. For face-to-face session listings, students should access the course module directly. 
  • Each course home page will retain it's original course structure in the modified theme.
    • The navigation breadcrumbs are still available at the top. 
    • A new progress bar is available (can be adjusted) at the top right of the screen. 
    • Tiles have an updated look and feel. 
    • A "Course Dashboard" is available as an additional point of navigation.