Salute v1.104.0

To be released on September 20th, 2023, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Findings 
    • The "Save" button for Corrective Actions on the Community Portal is moved next to the "Mark as Completed" button.
  • Administration
    • Additional dictionaries are now available for Salute Administrators to manage:
      • Radiation Safety - Rad Inventory Item Statuses
      • Departments + Divisions*
        *Clients who have Departments and Divisions populated by an integration will be able to view the imported Departments and Divisions, but not manage them. They will be able to manually add Departments and Divisions as well. 
    • Addition of a checkbox answer type option to User Defined Fields (in both Equipment and Waste Requests).
    • Dictionary pages with >100 items can now be ordered using the position field.
  • Chemical Safety
    • Resolved issue with the Comments field in the Chemical Inventory Item form being locked. 

Client-specific release items will be communicated directly. 

Waste Requests Upgrade

Note: Many of these changes were previously released to Staging and are now available on Production. 

  • Administration
    • New ability for Salute Administrators to define different Waste Collection Types and configure custom fields for each Types. E.g., Chemical Waste, Radioactive Waste, Mixed Waste, Universal Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste. 
    • Addition of a "checkbox" answer type to the custom field answer type options for Waste Requests. 
    • New ability to tie Waste Types defined in the Waste Management module to the Waste Request (optional). 
  • Waste Requests
    • Both Salute and Community Portals
      • When adding a New Waste Collection to a Waste Request, Requesters will be prompted to first select a Waste Collection Type, then populate Waste detail based on the Collection Type chosen. E.g., Chemical Waste, Radioactive Waste, Mixed Waste, Universal Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste. 
    • Salute Portal Only
      • New ability to "Create Waste Collections" waste by waste instead of only at the enter Request level. The option still exists at the Request level if a Salute Portal user wishes to Create Waste Collections for all Waste Containers at once. 
        • Reminder: Creating Waste Collections adds the Waste to the Waste Management module to continue tracking. Creating Waste Collections is optional. 
      • Removal of Responsible Person at the Waste Collection level. Responsible Person will be listed at the Request level and any Waste Collections created will have the Request's listed Responsible Person by default. 
      • From the Waste Requests index page, Salute Portal Users will now have a button to "Show All Waste Collections". This will direct the User to a new index page that shows all Waste Collections across all Waste Requests. This eliminates the need for a Salute Portal User to click into each Request to see the individual Wastes for pick up.
        All Collections-1
        • Previously not available on Staging, all Request Overview fields will be available as columns to manage from the All Waste Collections index page.
        • Previously not available on Staging, the All Waste Collections page will now have Open and Completed tabs.
      • Addition of "Send email notifications" option to Waste Requests upon Saving and Resolving