Salute v1.105.0

To be released on October 4th, 2023, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Radiation Safety
    • New ability to relate Equipment to a Rad Permit.image-20230918-075753 image-20230918-080453
  • Administration
    • Unlock "Reset Compliance Timeline" for Assessment Questions already created. (This was previously locked.) This will only impact Assessments using this question moving forward, and will not impact historical data that may have had the compliance timeline selected.
  • Training
    • Enable the Safety Training "counter" on the Salute and Community Portal (number to the right of the Safety Trainings tile in the navigation). The counter shows the number of required trainings set for the user.
      • If the requirements are not set, but the User is enrolled in courses, this will not display.
  • People
    • Bug resolved with flat file People imports. 

Client-specific release items will be communicated directly.