Salute v1.85.0

To be released on December 28th, 2022, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Platform Wide Email Notification Updates
    • All email notifications now include the client logo at the top/center of the notification
    • All email notifications now include the Salute logo at the bottom center of the notification, below the notification text
    • Administrators now have the ability to configure the signature/footer of their notifications through the Administration Module in the General Information section under "Email Template"
      • This text will appear after "Thank You" in all email notifications. If left blank, there will be no signature/footer by default. 
    • Removed the "Please open this link using Google Chrome" verbiage from all email templates. NOTE, Google Chrome remains the optimal browser for use with the Salute web application, but all other browsers are compatible with Salute. 
    • Updated all templates hyperlinks to Salute to read as "LOG IN" (previously "OPEN SALUTE").
  • Platform Log Out
    • Resolved an error message reading "Not Implemented" upon logging out of Salute. 
  • Findings
    • Finding notifications now include Finding specific text including: Finding Issue, Corrective Actions Required, and Due Date.
  • Fire Drills
    • When creating a Finding from a Fire Drill, User Group is now inherited from the Drill (previously would default to the Portable Fire Extinguisher Group).
    • Finding Type will now automatically populate when creating a Finding from a Drill. (Please note, this is deferred to the 1/11/23 release!)
  • Equipment
    • Resolved landing page issue where the Status Column read "Yes/No" instead of "Active/Inactive". 

Client-specific release items will be communicated directly.