Salute v1.96.0

To be released on May 31st, 2023, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • General Requests
    • The "type" field for General Requests from the Salute Portal is now available on the Community Portal. 
    • The "type" field for General Requests can now be client specific. 
  • Administration
    • Salute Administrators can now manage their own Color Theme and Logos. The menu pictured below can be accessed from Administration > General Information > Theme. Note, this section will be updated to exist on it's own page in a future release. 

    • IMPORTANT: Logos can only be uploaded in the file types specified in the tool tips for each options. 
      • Primary Logo - .svg file types only
      • Small Logo - .svg files types only. This logo is used for labels so this should be square for best formatting on small labels. If the Small Logo is blank, the Primary Logo will be used for labels. 
      • Email Logo - .png file types only. If this is not a .png file type, any email template notifications will have a blank header. 
    • For current clients, your logos already in use have been moved to this section in the Administration module for any further management. NO ACTION is required at this time unless to make changes to the logos currently in use. 

Client-specific release items will be communicated directly.