Salute v1.98.0

To be released on June 28th, 2023, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
    • Removed logic that restricted certain PFE Types to PFE Location Types. Now all PFE Types are available for all Location Types. 
  • Administration Module
    • Salute Administrators now have the ability to reorder dictionaries by dragging and dropping the options into the order desired. This includes Equipment User Defined fields.
  • Space Risk Assessments
    • New Assessment Risk Type "Ultraviolet Light" added
  • Assessment Queues
    • Notifications for Assessment Queues were previously suppressed if the former Assessment Queue in a series was not finalized. The logic to suppress the notification was based on Queues with the same Queue Name. This logic has been updated to include a check for the Inspector Name in addition to Queue Name before suppressing any email notifications.

For Release to Staging* ONLY

The following items related to Radiation Safety are being released to Staging* ONLY. These items will be released to Production at a future date. 

  • Radiation Safety
    • An updated version of the upgraded module will be released to staging including bug fixes, addition of units in areas missing, and updates to calculations