Salute v1.43.0

Released on Dec 16, 2020 @5:00am ET

  • PFEs

    • When adding PFE to Location, if no results found show there is now an option to add New PFE directly

    • When removing PFE, can update the Status, location, and add new removal reason on same screen

    • PFE index page can now show all inspection timelines

  • Fire Drills

    • Updated PDF report

    • Comments now send notification

    • Summary Links updated

  • Waste Management

    • If "Rad Half Life" for selected "Primary Substance" in New Waste Collection is >0, then pre-populate "Half Life Start Date" to current date

  • Chemical Inventory

    • CP users can now modify Chemical names and directly fix misaligned data

  • Other Updates

    • Assessment Queue Assessments show up as individuals items on the Community Portal Dashboard

    • Time Zones- Users are able to select time zones. Will default to browser setting

    • Basic Document storage available

    • Update to reminder email format, now shown in Audit Log