Salute v1.50.0

To be Released on August 11, 2021, between 2AM-4AM EST

  • Assessments

    • Ability to select Campus as an object of the Assessments

    • Renamed “EHS Inspector” field to “Inspector”

  • Administration

    • Creation of a User Group for all clients that will include all People from an organization in the event that an Assessment needs to be made available to ALL Community Users; new users added to the People file will be added to the group automatically

  • Employee Rosters

    • Employees were unable to view themselves on a Roster if they were a delegate for the Roster Owner; enabled for the employee to be able to view themselves if a delegate

    • Bug fix for switching between Employee Rosters on Safari

  • Findings

    • Bug fix to allow Reopening of Findings where date validation was not allowing for Reopening 

  • Waste Requests

    • Update to cancellation notification emails (to send to the general email listed in Admin module)

  • Other

    • Added Links (+ Add Link) functionality under Attachments for the following modules: Findings, Violations, Fire Drills, Floor, Space, Training Record, Radiation Safety Licenses, Radiation Safety RadMat Purchases