Salute v1.58.0

To be released on December 1, 2021, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Equipment

    • Standardization of the layout for General Equipment, Biological Safety Cabinets, Chemical Hoods, and EHS Monitors. All now include the following sections:

      • Overview

      • Equipment Location (with Building, Floor, Space / Room, Location (Other) standard fields)

      • Responsible People (with Responsible Person 1, Responsible Person 2, Responsible Person 3, and Owner (Other) standard fields)

      • Procedures/Comments

      • Compliance Timeline

    • Standardization of field names across the General Equipment, Biological Safety Cabinets, chemical Hoods, and EHS Monitors:

      • Serial No. (standardized from Serial Number or added where previously unavailable)

      • Date Placed in Service (standardized from Date Installed or Date Entered)

      • Date Removed From Service (Standardized from Date Removed or added where previously unavailable)

      • Status (standardized from Active checkbox and Hood Status or added where previously unavailable)

    • Addition of Alternative Equipment Name field in General Equipment

    • Addition of Manufacturer Service Life field in EHS Monitors

    • Removal of Date Charged field in EHS Monitors

NOTE: Any updated field names will have the data mapped from old to new. Any newly added field names will be blank until populated by Salute Users.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Modification to the email from which Staging Notifications are sent from to make Staging Notifications more obvious: (previously

    • Retainment of URL from Salute LMS through Single Sign On to prevent loss of direct linking

    • Enabled free typing of time for Date/Time Assessment Answer Types

    • Bug fix for recurring Assessment Queues on a daily or weekly basis showing a Save error

    • Bug fix for Due Date on Tasks index page affected by a Due Date time zone calculation displaying a Due Date as a day off

    • Bug fix for “Mark Work Completed” button on Safe Work Authorizations

    • Addition of the Day of Week to the Date/Time selection window on a Safe Work Authorization (Community Portal)

    • Other client specific requests