Salute v1.61.0

To be released on January 26, 2022, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Assessments

    • New feature allowing to hyperlink assessment checklist text to a URL of choice (e.g., regulatory body website, internal policy, guidance document, fact sheet, etc.)

    • Administrators have ability to set the links from the Admin module

    • Links are auto populated in Findings as set in the Admin module

    • Bug fix to allow Inspectors (previously Created By only) to enter Assessments

  • Incidents

    • Addition of Labels functionality to the Incidents module form at the end of the Overview section to provide additional ability for User to tag and categorize incidents as needed

  • Equipment

    • Enhanced searchability for searching in Equipment Type field

  • Assessment Queues

    • Enhancement of Pending/Draft/Completed Items table to display additional Detail for Objects similar to PFE Location Details

  • Administration

    • Ability for an Administrator to Delete Campuses, Buildings, Floors, or Spaces if they do not have any other associated records in the system (NOTE: This is not available if the organization has an import enabled.)