Salute v1.65.0

To be released on March 23, 2022, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Documents

    • Users have the ability to assign multiple locations to a single document on the Salute Portal

  • Events

    • When creating an Incident or Event Report, the checkbox “Create an Incident form the Resolved Event Report” will be checked “true” by default

    • If an Event Report is not yet resolved, Users will not be permitted to “Add Related Incident” except from the Resolve pop-up window

  • Assessments

    • Updates to URLs in Email Notifications that will ensure to direct to the Salute Portal or Community Portal based on User Group permissions

      • Ex. Salute Portal Users who do not have access to a specific User Group will be directed to the Community Portal

    • Bug fix for image file attachments not rendering in PDFs

  • Assessment Queues

    • Bug fix for unique identifier displaying under “Building Name” in Assessment Queue queries instead of Building Name itself