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Setting up Annual Course Refreshers in the LMS

Through the Salute LMS Re-Engagement tool, users can be re-enrolled in courses that may require regular refreshers or re-certifications.

  1. Log into https://ehs.salutesafety.com/users/sign_in
  2. Locate and select the “Training” module from the Management section on the right hand side of the page.
  3. Once in the Training module, locate and select “Go to LMS”.
    1. This should be the only available option to select in the Training module if utilizing our LMS
  4. You will be redirected to the Salute LMS
  5. Once on the LMS, scroll down to the IOMAD Dashboard table
  6. In the IOMAD Dashboard, locate the header “Courses” and select the option “Manage IOMAD Course Settings”
    1. A new page with all of the courses your company has will load
  7. Select for the desired course that needs re-engagement 
  8. Locate the “Administration” navigation bar on the right hand side of the page
    1. Click open the “Course Administration” dropdown is it does not automatically open
  9. Locate and select “Turn editing on” from the navigation bar. It is the second selection from the top.
  10. When editing has been turned on, navigate further down the Course administration dropdown to locate and select “Copy Course”. It is the fourth option from the bottom
  11. A new “Copy Course” page will appear
    1. Fill out the following fields: Course full name and Course short name.
    2. In this case, it is recommended to include the year for the course to distinguish it from the original course ie. "Hand Washing 2024"
  12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Copy and view” 
    1. Your copied course will begin generating 
  13. Once the copied course has completed generating, view the copied course
    1. PRO TIP: copy the URL of the course page and have it available in a new window while competing the below steps
  14. Toggle back to the original course that the copied course was generated from
  15. With editing still turned on, scroll down to the “Lesson” section
    1. In the bottom right of the Lesson section, locate and select “+ Add an activity or resource”
  16. From the pop-up window that loads, locate and select “Reengagement” 
  17. A new reengagement form will load
    1. Fill out the following field in General:
      1. Reengagement Name - this will not appear anywhere, this can be named something general … ex. “2024 Refresher”
    2. Fill out the following fields in Reengagement Details:
      1. Notify User: select “On reengagement completion”
      2. Notification subject (User): ex. Your 2024 Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher is coming due!
      3. Notification content (Users): ex. Hello %userfirstname%! You are due to take your annual %courseshortname% for 2024. Log in to complete.
        1. Insert the hyperlink from the course copy into the notification email so that the notified User can get to the new re-engagement course directly from the email
    3. Fill out the following fields in Restrict access:
      1. Access Restriction: add a new restriction that matches the following:
        1. Student must match the following … Activity Completion Course Name … must be marked completed
    4. Fill out the following field in Activity Completion:
      1. Reengagement duration: this is dependent on how long it should be for the User to be notified to take their refresher course after completing the original course
      2. For the example below, a student must complete either the online course or an in person training, then they will receive this notification 52 weeks after they complete to re-engage them. This would be the ideal setup for an annual course.
    5. Select “Save and Return to Course”
  18. Toggle back to the page with the duplicated course
  19. In the Course Administration navigation bar, locate and open up the “Users” dropdown and select “Enrollment methods”
  20. A new page will load, in this page locate the row “Self enrollment (Student)
    1. Go to the right end of the row and turn on self-enrollment (the icon will look like an eyeball, if you hover over it will say Enable)
  21. Self enrollment must be turned on for refresher courses created. This will allow students to take the refresher course as soon as they are notified via email.
  22. Once self enrollment has been turned on, ensure that editing is turned off.
  23. The refresher has been set up!