Submitting a Waste Request

The Waste Management Module allows for cradle to grave tracking of Waste that is generated by the community.

To access the Waste Request Module:

  1. Log into the Community Portal 
    • Use Institution credentials and authenticate through Single Sign On (SSO)
  2. Find and Select "Request/Report" in the left hand navigationWR locating reqrep
  3. Select "New Request/Report" to start a new RequestWR new reqrep
  4. Select "Waste Request"WR selecting waste req

Populating a Waste Request Overview Detail

  1. Fill out Location information for Waste Request Pickup
    • Building is a required field, but Floor and Space are not. It is encouraged that Users are as specific as possible with location WR location info
  2. Choose the Responsible Person for the Waste Request
    • The is the person responsible for the Waste GenerationWR responsible person
  3. Choose to include and Also Notified people *optional*
    • These are people who you want to be additionally notified about this Waste Request
  4. Fill out Contact/Alternative Contact number information if available *optional*
    • This will be used to contact people about this Request
  5. Include an Attachment if available *optional*WR adding an attachment

Criteria Attestation

  1. Review the Criteria requirements
    • These are mandatory requirements for Waste Pickup
  2. Check off attesting that all are met
    • Request will not be able to submit unless all boxes are checked off

WR criteria attestation

Adding Wastes for Collection

  1. Select "New Waste Collection"
    • Here is where one will request for a new Waste CollectionWR new waste collection
  2. Fill out all pertinent information
    • All areas marked with an asterisk are required prior to submitting
  3. Select "Submit"
    • This will officially add the waste to the Waste Request. Multiple wastes can be added to one Waste Request following these stepsWR new waste collection submission

Requesting Containers with your request

  1. Select "Request Container"
    • When a Waste Request is submitted, one can request a Waste Container to replace the old oneWR new container req
  2. Select "Container Type Dropdown"
    • Select the correct sized container
  3. Select "Quantity Needed"
    • Use arrows to select the correct number required
  4. Select "Submit"

    • This will officially add the container to the waste Request. Multiple containers can be added to one Waste Request following these above stepsWR SUBMIT new container req

Submit your Waste Request

  1. Review your Waste Request and select "Submit Request" on the top right side of the page
    • Ensure all of your wastes and containers are added and that the information is correct to submitWR submit req

Adding a Comment to a Request

  1. Open the "Waste Request" Landing Page
    • This is where all the Open and Completed Waste Requests will be located
  2. Select a Waste Request
    • Choose the Waste Request you just submitted in the previous steps
  3. Scroll to the bottom the Request Screen
    • This page will have all of the previously input information 
  4. Select "Comments" text box
    • Leave any comment that was not originally added to the initial Waste Request
  5. Select "Submit Comment"
    • This will save the comment to the Request and send a notification to the EHS team WR leaving comment