Violations allow organizations to keep track of, respond to, and mitigate impact from violations that are given by a regulatory authority related to an inspection or other infraction.


To access the Violations Module:

From the Salute Portal landing page, select Violations from the Assessments modules list


From the Violations Module landing page, you can:

  1. Select an individual Violation to see more detail 

  2. Filter the list by selecting a column header (can do multiple filters) to see a select list of items

  3. Create a new Violation

  4. Export the filtered items to excel for additional analysis

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 3.52.23 PM 

When an individual item is selected, you will be taking to the page for that Violation where you can see:

  1. If there is a related inspection that occurred and resulted in this violation, there will be a banner at the top of the violation which displays information related to that external inspection

  2. Overview

    1. Violation ID (Salute assigned)

    2. Status

    3. Date issued

    4. Violation Number (Assigned by agency issuing violation)

    5. Created by (who is putting the information into Salute)

    6. Agency

    7. Inspector name and Inspection type (these fields will automatically populate when creating a Violation from an external inspection)

    8. Object: The Location, permit, piece of equipment, or other item that the violation is related to

    9. Location Comments 

 Violations 2


  1. Violation Type (selected from drop down)

  2. Findings

    1. Findings can be added to a Violation to capture the specific language used by the providing agency, while allowing you to translate that information into a Finding that can be understood and acted upon by those responsible for remediation

    2. Can add multiple Findings

  3. Description: Summary of the violation

  4. Internal Correction Due Date: The date by when your organization wants any issues identified to be fixed

  5. External Correction Due Date: Date the providing agency has listed for corrections to take place


  7. Attachments (can include photo or PDF of actual violation) 

 Violations 3

Overall Response

  1. Responsible Person

  2. Date Person Notified

  3. Date Internally Resolved 

  4. Date Clear by Agency

Financial Information

  1. Fine Issued

  2. Max Fine

  3. Proposed Fine

  4. Actual Fine

  5. Other Costs (legal, administrative)

  6. Total Cost (calculated)

 Violations 4


Once findings have been added above and Violation is Saved, the user can then create a Salute finding with common language that can create tasks to be acted upon by the organization

 Violations 5


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