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LMS Theme Upgrades - For Managers

Salute's LMS will undergo an upgrade Wednesday November 15th and Thursday November 16th, 2023

Managers and Teachers will retain all permissions and access with the upgrade. 

The new look and feel simplifies the user experience with a sleeker design. The following features are now included with the LMS:


  • A simplified Dashboard page will only show the IOMAD Dashboard, currently enrolled courses and Recently Accessed Items. The same course tile and progress bar will display.


  • Each course home page will retain it's original course structure and function in the modified theme.
    • The course will offer the new general features defined in LMS Theme Upgrades - For Students User Guide. 
    • Company Manager - Editors and Teachers will see the same Course Administration menu on the right hand side. 
    • Additionally, Company Manager - Editors and Teachers will have a Course Management button at the top of the page. This panel offers alternative access to the Course Administration menu. 
    • The Course Management panel is where a Company Manager - Editor and/or Teacher can access the option to "Turn Editing On" among other features.

Tiles Course Format

A new course format is offered as an alternative to the standard "Grid" format. The Grid format will be sunset in 2024. 

The Tiles Format offers a more user friendly format very similar to Grid. Salute recommends that any client currently using Grid format switches all courses to Tiles. The steps to switch are: 

  1. Access the desired course
  2. From the Course Administration menu or the Course Management panel, access the course Settings. 
  3. Find the Course Format dropdown. 
  4. Change the Format to "Tiles". 
  5. Address any of the additional Settings as preferred.