Salute v1.79.0

To be released on October 5th, 2022, between 2:00AM-4:00AM EST

  • Assessments
    • Admins will be able to set default Object Types that Users can select from by Assessment Type.
      • Users conducting an Assessment would be presented with only the Object Types that have been specified for certain Assessment Types 
      • “Object Types” on the Assessment Type form page will now appear for Admin and list all available Object Types as checkboxes. At least one of them is required.Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 1.12.50 PM
    • See our updated User Guides for  Creating a New Assessment Type and Assessments for additional information.
  • LMS
    • Updates to integration between Salute Training Requirements and Salute LMS cohorts (released on Monday 10/3)